16.9-28 VBH PLUS 12PR

جي كاي تاير الهند الطرق الوعرة (OTR) مع اللستيك

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JK Tire V-BH PLUS Features: Directional pattern optimized through advanced simulation technique with extensive overall at center Wide and flat tread with big and broad lugs Tread reinforcing bars between lugs at center Lugs with heavy buttressed design Specially formulated compound and rugged nylon casing Benefits: Excellent traction and good resistance to buckling, tearing & cracking Excellent support while carrying load and provides outstanding puncture and damage resistance Strengthen and stabilized tread under severe operating conditions Improved tread life and enhance traction Resistance to cuts, chips, bruises and abrasions with high load carrying capacity and stability
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full size 16.9-28
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