235/55R17 VECTRA UX1

235/55R17 VECTRA UX1

235/55R17 PROXES CF2 997

235/55R17 PROXES CF2 997

235/55R17 PROXES TPT 99V

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The all-season Proxes TPT is the ideal performance touring replacement for modern cars equipped with H or V speed-rated tires as Original Equipment.
Optimized casing design and a unique directional tread combine to provide superior wet or dry grip and handling with excellent ride comfort and long tread life. A true upgrade from you Original Equipment tires, the Proxes TPT delivers all the style, performance and ride Toyo is famous for.

Excellent Low-Noise Touring Performance

The newly designed unidirectional tread pattern offer a comfortable ride by decreasing pattern noise dramatically when compared with ordinary touring tire. Five variable pitches of tread block are applied and this help in realizing lower pattern noise by optimal arrangement for the various pitch blocks. Moreover Toyo's unique computer simulation system for analyzing pattern noise is utilized during the design stage for best modification of tread pattern. Proxes TPT's Low-Noise Performance is realized by combining the effects of this design method.

Superb Water Drainage Performance

The unidirectional tread pattern, which has optimal groove arrangement and angle, provides superb water drainage performance. The newly developed computer simulation system for flow of water in contact patch is utilized for tread pattern arrangement. This has led to good water drainage and a decrease in the dangers of hydro-planing occurring.

Impressive Appearance of both Tread and Sidewall Design

The newly designed tread pattern and sidewall were designed to match the demanding characteristics of luxury sedans and to realize both a sporty and luxury image.

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