275/40R18 Primacy 3 ZP M0E GRNX 99Y

275/40R18 Primacy 3 ZP M0E GRNX 99Y

275/40R18 NS-25 99H

275/40R18 NS-25 99H

275/40R18 AS-1 99H

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Ultra-High Performance All-Season | Passenger

Indulge in a quiet, comfortable ride with the AS-1, an All-Season High-Performance tire developed for luxury performance vehicles. The AS-1 is what today’s drivers are seeking—performance and value. It features an asymmetric tread design to provide drivers with optimal wet and dry traction. Experience an enjoyable ride with reduced road noise and improved handling with a 40K mile treadwear warranty.

Asset 49

Ultra-High Performance
Asymmetrical tread design provides improved wet and dry traction in all seasons

Asset 55

Pattern design and tread compound enhanced for seasonal conditions

Asset 35

Tread design enhances comfort for an enjoyable ride

Asset 34

Silica Compound
Features an all-new silica compound for performance-minded drivers

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full size 275/40R18
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