275/70R16 G056 B4H

275/70R16 G056 B4H

275/70R16 Dueler D850 114H TL

275/70R16 Dueler D850 114H TL

275/70R16 Primacy SUV 114H

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  • SUV

MICHELIN Primacy SUV tyres complement your vehicle’s safety features to better protect your family.

Why is this the right tyre for me?

Reduced Braking Distances

The MICHELIN Primacy SUV stops 2.2 metres shorter than its previous generation and up to 2.3 metres shorter when compared to leading competitors' tyres.

Better Holding on Wet Roads

Thanks to an optimised tread pattern design combined with grip-enhancing Flexmax 2.0 rubber compound, the Michelin Primacy SUV tyre has 6% better road holding on bends compared to its previous generation and is 10% better when compared against leading competitors.

Smooth & Comfortable Ride

CushionGuard and EvenPeak technologies absorb road imperfections for a smoother ride.

New Tyre Compound & Tread Design

New FlexMax 2.0 rubber compound and StabiliGrip tread sipe design enhance safety.

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