255/50R20 Dueler DHP XL 109V TL

255/50R20 Dueler DHP XL 109V TL

255/50R20 Latitude Tour HP JLR XL 109W

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All-season performance tire for premium Crossover vehicles that offers confident handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Benefits of Michelin:

  • Better Handling in Rain and Snow than our Leading Competitors

    2-D Active Sipes help deliver better handling in rain and snow by locking together for greater rigidity.

  • High-Speed Confidence

    Experience a stable feel and crisp steering at high speeds thanks to precisely placed polyester and aramid/nylon filaments (FAZ Technology™) under the tread. Aramid is the material that makes bulletproof vests bulletproof.

  • Fuel Efficient to Reduce Harmful Emissions

    Save money at the pump thanks to a combination of a fuel efficient tire shape and tread compounds which reduces unnecessary friction when the tire rolls.

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