245/45R18 Primacy 3 ZP MOE GRNX XL 100Y

245/45R18 Primacy 3 ZP MOE GRNX XL 100Y

245/45R18 Potenza 050A 096W TL

245/45R18 Potenza 050A 096W TL

245/45R18 Potenza ER3 096Y RFT

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Bridgestone’s Run-Flat Tire Technology

Continue driving up to 50 miles after a puncture

The Bridgestone group’s run-flat tires give drivers peace of mind. Unlike conventional tires which need to be changed or repaired immediately after a puncture, run-flat tires can safely drive on for up to 50 miles (80 kilometers) at 50 mph (80 km/h). *1

  • *1Drivable distance under conditions based on ISO technical standard or specific vehicle tests.


  • 1. To support a vehicle’s weight

    1. There is no need to stop and change tires by the road side after air loss is detected so you can continue driving rather than being stranded right away.

  • 2. To transmit accelerating and braking force to the ground

    2. It can contribute to saving materials by eliminating the need for spare tires and wheels, which are seldom used.

  • 4. To absorb shock from the road surface

    3. Car interiors can be designed with more flexibility, allowing for more trunk space.

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