235/75R15 N605 108H

235/75R15 N605 108H

235/75R15 Atrezzo Touring LS 105T

235/75R15 Atrezzo Touring LS 105T

235/75R15 FT-7 104/101S

نانكانج تايوان السيارات إطارات الاستخدامات الخاصة

السعر يشمل ضريبة القيمة المضافة

// FT-7

Road legal All Terrain tyre

All terrain FT-7 is designed to conquer a range of terrains 

At home on country lanes as it is on a boggy field

As used by Palmer Sport on their off road course, tackling a multitude of obstacles and challenges including 45 degree climbs, 40 degree side tilt and much more

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full size 235/75R15
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