275/40ZR20 AS-1 106Y

275/40ZR20 AS-1 106Y

275/40ZR20 Atrezzo ZSR Atrezzo ZSR 106Y

275/40ZR20 Atrezzo ZSR Atrezzo ZSR 106Y

275/40ZR20 SP-7 106W

Nankang Taiwan Passenger Passenger Car
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SP-7 Performance X/P

Advanced Performance | Sport Light Truck / CUV / SUV

A new-age blend of technologically advanced compounds and the tried-and-true dependability of an all-season tread design go into NANKANG SP-7’s. Designed for today’s SUV, CUV, and Sport Trucks, the SP-7’s dual circumferential outer grooves and multi-siping enhance water evacuation to reduce risks of hydroplaning while improving performance handling. The scalloped center rib further stabilizes lateral traction while the integration of a sound reduction bar minimizes road noise.

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Wet Traction
Circumferential grooves evacuate water for improved wet traction and handling

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Low Noise
Tread design aids in reducing noise for a quiet and comfortable ride experience

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